Invitation to Worship

Psalm 95:1  (MSG) 

raise the roof for the Rock who saved us! Let’s march into his presence singing praises, lifting the rafters with our hymns!

I don’t do this often but I just feel that I need to invite people to my church.  I attend The King’s Harvest Foursquare Gospel Church at 1807 Harding, Terre Haute IN.  Morning service is a 9:30 am and evening service is at 6 pm.

Our church has awesome worship.  Not because the singers or musicians are so outstanding although they are very good.  It is because our people come to Worship the Lord!

I have attended the King’s Harvest for 10-12 years (not really sure how long) and we have had quite a few different worship leaders and musicians during that time.  The thing that is the most consistent is that we always have awesome worship.  We love the Lord and this is our way to show it.

Another reason to attend is the great messages our Pastor brings.  Pastor Leek is a dynamic speaker and very entertaining storyteller.   You will enjoy the message.

Love to see you there!


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